Meet Our Denturist

Akash Kumar R.D.

Akash Kumar Denture Specialist

Born and raised in Vancouver, Akash was introduced to the dental industry at the young age of 6 when his father, a Dental Technician for over 45 years brought Akash to his dental laboratory. Akash was instantly infatuated and filled with curiosity that motivated him to understand how the laboratory functioned. Learning from the expertise and passion of his father, Akash quickly developed aspirations to work in the same industry.


Completing his Dental Technology Certification with great success, Akash furthered his education and trained to become a Registered Denturist. He is one of few with the technical knowledge and expertise in both areas, as a certified dental technician and licensed denturist. Akash has trained with traditional analog techniques to provide precision dental treatment, and is constantly training with new and innovative technologies to offer patients more beneficial digital options for their specific dental needs.


Community Involvment

Aside from his passion for providing the best possible care to his patients, Akash has been very active in the Vancouver community. While competing in various sports leagues, Akash has organized many youth development soccer training camps, and has trained many athletes over the years.


Travelling is also a passion of Akash's. He has traveled to many countries around the world, embracing a variety of cultures and languages.

Akash has tremendous pride and devotion to the community. He feels privileged to have the opportunity to serve the West Point Denture Clinic community.


Come visit Akash, he would be delighted to meet you!