Repairs / Refittings

At West Point Denture Clinic we offer Repairs and Refitting options while you wait!


If you have fractured your dentures or your dentures do not fit comfortably, we are here to help. At West Point Denture Clinic, our experts evaluate your dentures during your complimentary consultation and provide you with recommendations, and if further treatment is appropriate.




When a denture fractures, it loses the strength it once had to withhold the force of your bite. In some cases, fractured dentures may also damage healthy teeth or gingival tissue (gums) in the mouth. In case of emergency repairs, our on-site laboratory offers services while you wait.


Repairs can be done in many different ways. At West Point Denture Clinic, our experts provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your best available options.


Refittings / Relines


The mouth is an area of the human body that is always changing. After wearing dentures for a period of time, the fit of the denture may not feel as tight or comfortable as they have in the past. It is likely that your denture has not changed but instead, the supporting structures in your mouth (such as gums) have changed over time.


A Refitting/ Reline permanently fills material to your existing dentures in the spaces that have compromised the fit. This ensures that your denture fits snug and comfortably again. At West Point Denture Clinic, our experts can help with Refitting/ Reline options to best suit your needs.


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